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He is male.
Even though his parents call him “Katie” and his mother says “my little girl”
Even though the childhood photos show the dresses and dolls
Even though his hair used to reach all the way to his waist
He is male.

She is female.
Even though her dad is disappointed because “that’s not my son”
Even though her birth certificate still says “David”
Even though her shirt is padded at the front
She is female.

This is them.
No matter how many times you tell them they’re wrong
No matter how often you call them a name that’s not them
No matter how much you treat them like they’re “just confused”
This is them.

He is male.
She is female.
They are real.
Accept it.

a thing i wrote yesterday because i have a lot of passion for this topic (via takethistoyourgracie)



The fact that trans women have just been completely booted out of this conversation on police brutality smfh…

In 2008, a black trans woman was severely beaten by police and was preparing to sue the Memphis Police Department. She was killed execution style shortly after and no one has yet to be arrested.. Her name was Duanna Johnson. Remember her name…






Dangerous wolf

Big Bad Wolf, indeed.


Sometimes people need to be reminded that the only real difference between dogs and wolves are that dogs are domesticated. (they can still have babies together so they’re technically the same species)

Incorrect. Another aspect of dogs is how they were selectively bred from more submissive branches of wolves. Yes, they can still interbreed, but so can donkeys and zebras, which are certainly not the same species.

A dog is canis lupus familiaris. ‘Wolf’ is simply canis lupus. This suggests that dogs are a more specific branch of wolves, and therefore while they may share the same family and genus, they are certainly not the same species.

Incorrect correction (if that’s a thing). Canis lupus familiaris is a subspecies of canis lupus. They are the same species. Canis is the genus (including foxes and coyotes) lupus is the species (wolves and dogs) and familiaris is the subspecies. Lupus means wolf. Familiaris means domesticated. A translation of  Canis lupus familiaris would mean something like canine wolf domesticated. (subspecies of canis lupus)

Zebra’s and Donkeys on the other hand are separate species which is why “zonkeys” are rare and usually don’t live very long due to the imbalance of chromosomes. Wolf and dog pups however live full healthy lives.

Sorry my reasoning was slightly off as members of the same genus can sometimes mate and produce offspring if they’re related close enough genetically but generally if two animals can mate and produce a healthy offspring then they are part of the same species.

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