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(Re-doing this because I realized no one will see the other post. you have no idea how much effort I put into this)

Firstly I would like to point out that not everyone has the same morals. Amish people find it morally wrong to use electricity, for example. That doesn’t stop the rest of the world from doing it. 

Secondly, I’d like to direct your attention to something else. From what I’ve seen pro-life people seem to be focused on the idea that abortion kills babies and that pro-choice people aren’t treating the babies like babies. To my astonishment, after a little research, it appears that some pro-choice people are actually treating unborn children as full human beings.

These two points show that, like almost everything, the pro-choice argument has many different sides. Some people don’t find abortion morally wrong. Some people have a different way of viewing unborn people as humans. The second one probably doesn’t make much sense so let me elaborate.

The second group of people view a pregnancy like organ donation. Whether or not a patient receives an organ could be a matter of life or death. Sometimes there is only one person that can supply the correct organ. Despite the other person’s needs, the prospective donor has the right to refuse to go through with the donation. The donation could affect the donor’s life. It could endanger her health. The prospective donor could just not want to do it. No matter the reasoning, refusing to donate in this scenario will result in the patient’s death. Does that make the non-donor a murderer?

Could you imagine a world where one wasn’t allowed to make that choice. A world where men in black suits could come and rip out your heart because someone else supposedly needed it more?

It is easy to say that such a world would be dark and apocalyptic

The group of pro-choice people mentioned view a pregnancy as a woman lending or donating her uterus to another living being.

Should she have the right to refuse that donation? Should one have the right to refuse to give up their heart or their kidney? 

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